Sunday, May 20, 2007

Morning EduGaggle

The ACLU is extorting suing one Louisiana school district for allowing the Gideons to distribute Bibles to students. This is what the ACLU is so rabid concerned about:
The lawsuit details an instance in which the girl's class was told by their teacher to pick up their New Testament Bibles in front of the school office. The girl ended up in a line with the entire fifth grade, while two men handed each student a Bible and said, "God bless you."
EduBlogger and published author Joanne Jacobs has now written a paper for the Lexington Institute -- on what works in moving English Learners to proficiency and why so many don't make it. (Lotsa food for EduThought there...)

It's the 50th anniversary of the integration of Little Rock's Central High School and U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings
has shown up for the party while the U.S. Mint has struck a commemorative coin ('nuthin but feet!) that you'll never see in your change.

Today's non sequitur: The enormous costs in lives notwithstanding, check-out how much the "war" in Iraq is costing the American taxpayer right here. (Consider following some of the links and take a look at what all that money could have bought instead.)
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