Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Morning EduGaggle

New York City school administrator Michael Levy is in need of some serious spelling and grammar lessons.

Paul Vallas, 53, an administrator with a reputation for "shaping up" big-city schools, has been hired to take-over the beleaguered New Orleans public school system. Vallas has guaranteed that he would succeed in a city that has had three school superintendents since 1998. (One word: goodluckheisgonnaneedit.)

Fun with statistics: It was only a short time ago that the number of children who are being homeschooled exceeded 1,000,000, which is some 2.2% of all students in the United States.

Yet another married female high school teacher
has lost her job and been sent to the pokey for allegedly sleeping with her students.

Over at P.B.S., EduBlogger Dan McDowell has written
a nice introductory primer for those who are venturing into the world of blogging and EduTechnology.

And now for something completetly different: some hammerheads folks
are trying to convince us that children are "bad" for the planet...

Teachers in one Ohio school district have been on strike since last Wednesday. They want a two-year contract with a 3% pay raise for each year. (One word: subinflationary.)

One California elementary school
is getting students fired-up about science with everything from fingerprinting to fossils.
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