Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning EduGaggle

California high school math teacher Darren gives a thrashing to President Barbara "Boss" Kerr of The California Teachers Association and wonders why the union is so afraid of testing.

Yep. We think that it's a safe bet that nearly all of us can agree that our inner-city schools are a mess, but what's to be done about it? Town Hall's Donald Lambro
has some ideas, but they don't involve simply throwing more money at the problem or holding teachers 100% accountable for student progress while giving parents and the students themselves a free pass....

Who would have ever guessed that in England, the study of Latin is
making a comeback? Meanwhile, school student discipline within government schools has gotten so bad that the traditionally left-leaning BBC has taken upon itself the task of publishing a series of "how to" guide for parents who wish to appeal their child's exclusion from school due to violent other illegal behavior.

With federally-mandated Testing Season in full swing, it's no surprise that there's
a bumper crop of teacher cheating out in the field awaiting the media's scythe.

Today's Non Sequiturs: The people of Farmer's Branch, Texas,
have voted overwhelmingly to require folks who want to rent houses or apartments in their town to verify residency eligibility while the idiots people of the ACLU will doubtless soon be shopping for of an appointed federal autocrat-for-life judge to subvert the democratic process overturn the people's decision. (We wonder why the ACLU doesn't seem to have a problem with people being "carded" being required to show "eligibility" for the purchase of alcohol or firearms?)

It appears as though $4.00 per gallon
may finally be here in Taxifornia the Golden State. (Ed's Request: Would somebody please finally pass a law requiring pump prices to be in whole cents? The 9/10 of-a-cent that's always tacked on to the price may have made some sense back in the '50-'60s when gas was 30 cents per gallon but nowadays it just serves no purpose!)
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