Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Did you hear the one about the New Jersey students who equate wearing their school uniforms with the Hitler Youth?

The 96th midway of The Carnival of Education is
open for your enjoyment over at History is Elementary. (Next week, The Carnival comes home to us here at The Wonks.)

Sadly, it appears as though California EduBlogger Polski3 of Polski3's View From Here
will be retiring from the EduSphere. (We hope that he can be persuaded to reconsider...)

quote of the day (Via this week's Carnival of Homeschooling host Corn and Oil) comes from Mark Twain:
The teacher reminded us that Rome’s liberties were not auctioned off in a day, but were bought slowly, gradually, furtively, little by little; first with a little corn and oil for the exceedingly poor and wretched, later with corn and oil for voters who were not quite so poor, later still with corn and oil for pretty much every man that had a vote to sell—exactly our own history over again.
Today's Non-Sequiturs: The website of the day certainly must be this fun site which simply bills itself as a Cliché Finder.

When we learned that this South Carolina mother had her own 12-year-old son arrested for playing with a Christmas present, we're left simply shaking our heads in disbelief.
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