Friday, December 01, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Friday, December 01, 2006

As it is History Friday, we humbly submit for your consideration the following: Pennsylvania college professor Dr. Joseph Rogan's has some ideas on how teachers can make history lessons "come alive" for elementary students. (Will they work? Judge for yourself...) Meanwhile, as an alumnus of The Florida State University, I couldn't resist this blurb about how my alma mater has finally gotten around to offering a college-level course on the history of the Seminole Indians. (Sadly, the politically correct looney-toons folks at the NCAA continue to condemn FSU's use of the Seminole warrior as the school's mascot, even though Florida's Seminole tribe continues to support the college's efforts to retain it.) And... finally... check out this rare Ancient Roman burial in, of all places, the City of London.

Heh. We have more than our share of these here in California's so-called "Imperial" Valley: Bilingual public school teachers who aren't proficient in either
English or Spanish.

In Wyoming, high school students can
win a brand-new car for simply by showing-up and answering roll call.

Today's Red Apple Salute goes to Billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad,
who has donated some $10.5 million in order to help bring public charter schools to Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times' edublog School Me!
shows us once again that it's possible easy to get rich in public education: as long as the sinecure-holder is politically well-connected and hasn't gone anywhere near students...

Today's Non Sequiturs: On December 14, look for the official British report into the death of Princess Diana to be
released to the public. (No matter what the report has to say, the conspiracy theories will multiply like bunnies.) And... take a peek at the woman who went to war over a cell phone call.
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