Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday's Extra Credit Reading

NPR has an excellent series on the rebirth of New Orleans' public schools. Nearly all of them have been reconstituted as public charter schools. Consider following the cornucopia of links supplied by the good folks over at National Public Radio.

Today's Red Apple Salute goes to Target Stores for their
$13.6 million donation to public schools.

JoanneJacobs has a post about teachers coping with the new assessment-based paradigm that reminds me of a soon-to-be-released horror movie: "
Dr. StrangeSpellings or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Test." (This film is set to be released turned loose in 2014.)

Our Knucklehead of the Day award goes to.... Utah teacher Alisa Felton, who self-terminated her teaching career by getting caught
playing hooky from school in order to go white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon.

With all the recent incidents of gun violence in schools around the country, some are asking:
is it time to arm our rural schools?

From our Department of the Unusual,
we have learned how one Canadian school district is addressing the problem of declining student enrollment by... importing students from the United States.
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