Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday's Extra Credit Reading

Could you ever imagine seeing your kid's school art work on a U.S. postage stamp? This brand-new type of school fundraising makes that possible. (No refrigerator magnets needed...)

The Glittering Eye
links to, and comments on, a post by a political science college professor who is teaching a course on politics in film. Included in the curriculum is a controversial section about counter-insurgency warfare. Here's a sample:
Those who have seen it know that “Red Dawn” is not an especially good movie. So why did I select it? Well, I wanted a film that highlights the great difficulty of counterinsurgency warfare — and I wanted a movie that would make students sympathize with the insurgents.
One of our TipWonks sent a link to this post by Newsalert regarding a New York Times' article (see it here) about a female New York City public school educator who allegedly molested male students over a two decade period!

Did you hear the ones about the man who
grew a pumpkin that earned him over $6000 or the fool dare-devil who set a record by kissing 19 poisonous king cobras?
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