Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday's Extra Credit Reading

This has been a particularly bloody week in Iraq. Let's remember our soldiers, sailors, and airmen in our thoughts and prayers.

My goodness! Now that I see the National Education Association is actually proposing some good ideas for
reducing the high school dropout rate, I'm beginning to think that the NEA may be good at something other than (forcefully) taking money from my paycheck and giving it to their horde of sinecure-holders and politicians that I don't support.

High school coaches
take note: girls are for coaching, not kissing.

It's a pity that this sort of device is needed at all:
One day after a pre-K student was left alone on an Opelika school bus, new alarms are ordered to keep it from happening again. The four-year-old student was left behind for two hours. According to Superintendent Dr. Phil Raley, it's because the driver failed conduct a post-route inspection.
Read the whole alarming piece.

This is why good Wonks don't go bungee jumping.

If you're a fan of The New York Yankees, in the post-season the Times
has a blog for you.
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