Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday's Extra Credit Reading

I was listening to NPR when I heard them interview an English woman named Sue Williams who is selling 1 acre plots on the moon for about $34.00. (Don't laugh; Williams and her husband have made over $8 million bilking poor saps selling the Lunar Dream.) Get your own piece of moon-pie right here.

When a 15-year-old high school student brings a fake gun to school,
should he be arrested?

Many believe that when kids wear uniforms to school, it helps foster a "business-like" environment around campus. The public school system in Secaucus, New Jersey has just implemented a school uniform policy that has infuriated some parents who aren't
taking it laying down. Here's a sample:
"My youngest daughter was practically in tears," said Cathy De Sciscio, a mother of three kids in the district. "What she wears makes her feel good about herself. Everyone's different. Making her wear these uniforms is crushing her spirit."
Our Knucklehead of the Day Award goes to... the North Carolina school bus driver who left a sleeping third-grader on the bus for an entire school day!

Justin W. Johnson and Kevin W. Taitour, both 18, are our Wankers of the Day. These two have just pleaded guilty to felony charges of
breaking into their school last June, where they disabled security cameras and cut the building's power in order to cause the cancellation of classes.

From our End of an Era Department, we have learned that the end has come for the biggest public housing project that was ever constructed in America.
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