Saturday, October 21, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Saturday, October 21, 2006

Find out how many people in the country have the exact same name as yours.

Hillary Clinton is being awful coy about her intentions in 2008. (I can't think of anything more likely to guarantee a Republican victory than her nomination by the Democrats as their standard-bearer in the upcoming presidential vote.)

Has comedian Bill Mahr
identified the real threats to our children? You be the judge.

Louise Egan Brunstad, a 16-year-old Atlanta girl who was despondent because her alleged romantic advances had been rejected by a female classmate, attempted to commit suicide by crashing the family Mercedes-Benz head-on into an oncoming vehicle. Brunstad lived,
a working mother of three died. (More here and there.)

Don't these guys ever learn? The Wanker of the Day
has got to be the Illinois physical education teacher who was arrested and charged with soliciting sex over the internet from two very underaged girls an Iowa police detective.

In news from the Iraqi Civil War, an enemy militia
overran an entire city after police were sent running for their lives. Meanwhile, American troops, who are, in our opinion, grossly underpaid, are so far in debt that they're not allowed to serve overseas.
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