Sunday, April 16, 2006

The High Costs Of Subsidizing The Immigrant Nation

Ms. Cornelius offers some sound common-sense reasoning about the consequences of ignoring the crisis caused by illegal immigration:
According to the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, employers are required to verify the legal status of immigrants before hiring them, and are not to “knowingly” employ illegal immigrants. This same law provided amnesty for approximately 2.7 million illegal immigrants, and was the first of seven amnesties given to illegal immigrants in the past twenty years. It is already illegal to employ illegal immigrants. Enforcement of the law would be a novel idea.
Read the whole thing.

We live about 5 miles north of the Mexican border here in California's "Imperial" Valley. Folks on the Mexican side of the border have already heard all about the "new amnesty" and are now flooding across the border in increased numbers in order to get themselves established before the passage of the new law.

One question that nobody seems to be addressing is: If there is some sort of "guest worker" program, who's going to pay all the health care costs? It would be my guess that most employers who give jobs to these "guests" will pay these them the minimum wage and no fringe benefits whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the wages of working Americans will continue to fall.

Prediction: Taxpayers and those who do have health insurance will be footing the bill for all those "guest workers" in the form of higher taxes and increased premiums.

And of course any child born on U.S. soil to an illegal immigrant or guest worker is automatically a United States citizen with full rights to taxpayer-provided health care and education.

For it to be any different would require amending the United States Constitution. And that seems to be something that we as a people are no longer capable of doing.
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