Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy History Friday!

Check out these five Egyptian mummies that have just been discovered:
The first tomb to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings since King Tut's in 1922 contains five sarcophagi with mummies, breaking the nearly centurylong belief that there's nothing more to find in the valley where some of Egypt's greatest pharaohs were buried.

The tomb's spare appearance suggests it was not dug for a pharaoh, said American archaeologist Kent Weeks, who was not involved in the University of Memphis team's find but has seen photographs of the site. "It could be the tomb of a king's wife or son, or of a priest or court official," he told The Associated Press on Thursday.

So far, authorities haven't had a close enough look to know who is in the tomb. Workers have been clearing rubble to allow archaeologists to examine it.

Egypt's antiquities authority has said only that the single-chamber tomb contains five wooden sarcophagi, in human shapes with colored funerary masks, surrounded by 20 jars with their pharaonic seals intact -- and that the sarcophagi contain mummies, likely from the 18th Dynasty, some 3,500-3,300 years ago.
There's more to read in the whole thing.

I've always like Egypt and Things Egyptian. Who knows? Perhaps someday I'll win the lottery and actually be able to take the Wonk family for a visit. Maybe we can all learn how to Walk Like An Egyptian.
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