Friday, January 13, 2006

And One Of The Accused Thugs Was Only 12 Years Old...

Here's one more reason why it's getting ever more difficult to attract talented young people to teach in our nation's public schools:
A Beaumont High School [St. Louis, Missouri] student is charged with assault after allegedly hitting a teacher at school.

It was the second alleged assault on a city teacher in as many days. Newschannel Five was the first to report this story on NewsChannel 5 at Noon Wednesday.

A 12-year old was taken into police custody at Stevens Middle School Tuesday after reportedly hitting a female teacher who is said to have suffered a concussion.

At Beaumont, an 18-year old male student allegedly punched his P.E. teacher in the face.

The teacher was taken to a local hospital emergency room with a gash over his left eye. It happened around 9 a.m. near the gymnasium. The injury required stitches, and the teacher wants prosecutors to file criminal charges.

Both students have been suspended.

For years, city teachers have been especially vocal about student misbehavior.

How often do assaults against teachers occur? According to their union, every single day.

Superintendent Creg Williams declined to comment; a spokesman says there have been discussions between the district office and the teachers about the discipline problems.
It'll be interesting to see if the authorities in St. Louis comply with the P.E. teacher's stated wishes and actually file criminal charges against the accused assailant.

Down here in California's "Imperial" Valley, whenever this sort of thing does occur, both schools and the district attorney are loath to file former charges unless the injury to the teacher is extreme. (As in the above case.) Generally, the kid malefactor is expelled from the district but is free to seek re-enrollment in nearby districts so that he or she may finish the school year.

Sometimes, they are successful in their efforts.

And in all cases the district which expelled the child must re-enroll him or her the following school year.
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