Saturday, December 03, 2005

Teaching And Learning As A Contractual Relationship

At Kitchen Table Math, they've reprinted a student's "Report Card Evaluation and Contract to Improve My Grades." The contract (click on the image for an expanded view) has several interesting items on it that describe what the student can do in order to raise his or her grade. Kitchen Table asks a valid question:
What items should be on a teacher/principal/administrator contract to improve student grades?
Consider reading the whole post in order to better understand the context.

Kitchen Table has got me thinking. Keeping in mind the constraints that I, as a public school teacher must work under, I think that it's would be a good idea for me to reflect upon what I might do in order to help those students of mine who are not achieving acceptable levels of progress. I'll start that process by asking myself this question:

What can I do in order to more effectively communicate with parents regarding how we together can better serve their child's academic needs?
Food for self-thought.
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