Monday, December 12, 2005

Joel Turtel's Got The "Answer!"

Joel Turtel thinks he knows why so many things have been going wrong and where the blame lies:

"Never has this country been placed in a more precarious position. It is a direct result of government involvement in education--nothing more.]"
Heh. I guess Mr. Turtel would prefer that those without the cash to send their offspring to private schools should be illiterate. See Turtel's full-length rant remarks right here.


Update (PM) After I arrived at my classroom, I checked Haloscan commenting and learned to my horror that I had incorrectly attributed the above quote to Joel Turtel. (The quote was said by "markyannone" over at PHX News.) Unfortunately, because our district's filter blocks access to any blogger site I was unable to correct the record until I after I rushed home this afternoon. We offer our sincere apology to Mr. Turtel for this error. Furthermore, I apologize to the readers of these pages for the oversight. We will endeavor to see that this type of carelessness does not occur again.

In his piece that we linked above, Joel Turtle sets forth his arguments in a civil and well-constructed way without rancor or resorting to rhetorical bombthrowing.

The above quote and our subsequent snark should've been directed at "markyannone" of PHX News instead.