Saturday, December 03, 2005

Get Your History On!

Learn some history so that you won't have to repeat it at the latest edition of the History Carnival. Here's a taste:
ROME PER HBO. Miland Brown (World History Blog) has enough historical knowledge of Caesar's successor to dare some predictions on Season 2 of HBO's historical. But Glaukopis (Glaukopidos: An Anachronism in Modernity) says she doesn't mind if the producers of the show take a few liberties.
Generally-speaking, I enjoyed HBO's Rome, but I didn't much care for the way that the folks who brought us The Sopranos and Oz needlessly played fast and loose with historical facts.

The real history behind Julius Caesar and His Gang was much more interesting than the Hollywoodized version that HBO/BBC has cooked up.

I much prefer the well-researched and highly readable Masters Of Rome series by Colleen McCullough.
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