Friday, November 04, 2005

One Is The Loneliest Number

A student walkout to protest the Iraq War was scheduled to occur last Wednesday at Central High School in Springfield, Missouri. The result was somewhat unexpected:
A Central High School senior has been punished for inciting fellow students to participate in a mass walkout earlier this week, his classmates said Thursday.

School officials, citing school discipline policy, would not provide names of any of the students involved, or confirm that students had been disciplined.

The senior, whose identity could not be officially confirmed as of press time, was chased by school resource officers and handcuffed to a railing after he yelled to classmates to leave school grounds Wednesday, Central High School students interviewed Thursday by the News-Leader said.
The senior's pleas for protestors were ignored by other students, who chose to remain in their classes.

One student who was sympathetic to the cause didn't join in because he had "too much work to do and two tests to study for."
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