Thursday, October 06, 2005

Seat Time!

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A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania school district is placing limits on the number of "memorial benches" that benefactors may give schools:

Trees, plants and statues would not be acceptable as memorials under a proposed policy on gifts being considered by the North Hills school board.

The proposal would not ban memorial benches, as a rejected policy considered last year would have, but could be used to limit how many are placed on school grounds.

"We don't want to get a situation where we have 50 benches out there. They kind of lose their purpose when you have so many," school board President Ed Wielgus said.

Superintendent Joseph Clapper proposed the rules on gifts as part of his review of the district's policies.

Memorial gifts would be limited to books, artwork, scholarships, property and suitable physical improvements. Permanent memorials such as trees, plants and statues would be prohibited because of potential problems in moving them to accommodate renovations or other projects, Wielgus said.

The proposal would also require that gifts be given without restrictions attached by the donor. Gifts that would cost the district money for installation or maintenance would have to be recommended by the superintendent and approved by the school board before being accepted, according to the draft

It's nice to see that the governing board of trustees has their priorities in order.

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