Friday, October 07, 2005

Notes From The Education Underground: The TeachWonk Diaries

Here are two words that strike terror into the hearts of many California School Administrators:

Competency Examination

In California, there is no such exam for school administrators. All these people need in order to work their mischief is a degree from Diploma Mill University, a scrap of paper from the state, and known political loyalty to our district superintendent, Dr. Evil.

No classroom teaching experience is required.

The latest instance of educational malpractice in our district was committed by Dr. Evil's minion, the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum. Even though she's known since late August which textbook that our district's history teachers were going to use in order to replace our 14-year-old history books, she's put off ordering the new texts until the middle of November.

Which means that the replacement texts will arrive sometime after the first of next year.

No reason for the five month delay was given.