Monday, October 10, 2005

Not Your Usual Morning Routine

Mr. AB of From The T.F.A. Trenches had an unusual occurance outside his classroom door last Friday:
On Friday morning, I opened the door of my classroom and walked to my line of students, noticing a clump of my most responsible, mature, quiet students standing well out of line. Unusual, but I figured a brief bellow would get them in line. It did not.

I walked down and found a stranger in our line, standing amid my most mature students who were giving her plenty of room. She looked somewhere between 12 and 25, with two bandages on her head and a dazed look in her eyes. Assuming she was a student in our school’s new special day class, I just started taking my students into class and figured she would go to her own room. She did not, she came on into the classroom and I had to escort her back out. Fortunately, I quickly found the A.P. and left her in his very confused charge. It turns out she was not a student but a disturbed young adult who had “escaped” from her caretaker and wound up at our school.
Consider reading the whole post; it is instructive in a variety of ways.
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