Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief: Setting The Example In Texas

Here's just one example of the type of relief effort that is going-on in schools all over the country. Parents, educators, and students in Wichita Falls, Texas are doing their part to help provide school supplies for New Orleans' public schools:
With many of the schools in the New Orleans area completely covered in water, some Wichita Falls students are reaching out to help. They are donating school supplies, money, clothes, food, anything to make it a little easier for the kids and families hit hard by Katrina. That effort means a lot to two students whose families had to evacuate to Wichita Falls. All of the money the schools collect will be donated to the American Red Cross, and the school supplies will be shipped directly to New Orleans schools.
Our California junior high school has decided to sponsor a "blue jean" day. Students may wear jeans for one day if they donate a dollar to The American Red Cross. We used this technique last year and raised several hundred dollars for breast cancer research.

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