Sunday, September 11, 2005

Carnival Entries Are Due!

Ms. Frizzle will be guest-hosting this week's Carnival Of Education:
Don't forget to send your submissions to the Carnival of Education: First Day of School Edition by Sunday night, 11:59 pm, to ms [dot] frizzle [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm looking for posts about your first day of school, whether that was wayyyy back in August or just this past Thursday. And if your second or third day was more interesting than your first, well, heck, bend the rules and send it in anyway. Teachers, parents, students, administrators, custodians, bus-drivers, neighbors-watching-over-the-kiddies, tell me about the first day of school!
I think of the First Days of a new school year much like many fans of major-league baseball think of Spring Training. Every team (or student) is a possible World Series Contender.

A Special Bonus: Don't miss this beautiful post by Ms. Frizzle about how the kids know "what makes a good science teacher."
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