Sunday, September 18, 2005

Can I Have Some Disruptions With That Nepotism?

Polski3 is concerned that the constant parade of classroom disruptions generated by an "untouchable" district employee is getting in the way of student learning. Here is a taste:
A minion from the district office. This d.o. parasite is untouchable and cannot be admonished by any teacher or school site administrator for her gross disruption of the teaching day or unprofessional conduct towards teachers. Nor can she be held accountable for this unprofessional conduct. Why not? Because she is Dr. KOP's, the Superintendent's daughter-in-law. She never had to interview for the job. It was created just to provide employment for her. Ever person in this county with the surname of Dr. KOP's, is employed by his school district. One possible except might the above mentioned minions infant child, but we believe the child has been hired as a consultant for Dr. KOP's "wunderful" grant-paid-for science or math program (which does not follow state framework guidelines and pays Dr. KOP to be away from town and his superintendents job on a regular basis).
We feel Polski's pain. Nepotism and its evil twin, Cronyism, have traditionally infested public education and continue to do so, especially in such rural/small-town areas as California's "Imperial" Valley.

As for the disruptions, our school's administration keeps up a continuous barrage of squawk-box announcements, student-messangers from the office conveying such priority items into the classroom as personal notes/gym-clothes from parents, and "nesting administrators" who constantly cycle in and out of our rooms for no other purpose than that of ensuring we teachers aren't deviating from the state-mandated content area standards.
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