Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Different Kind Of Charter School

Who would have ever thought a union would open a public charter school? (Article is re-printed in it's entirety, but, for those who wish: ident: debator20057 password: antimatter)
A plan by the New York City teachers' union to open a charter school in Brooklyn in September was approved yesterday by the State University of New York board of trustees.

The union's elementary school, in East New York, will begin with kindergarten and first-grade classes. The union, the United Federation of Teachers, assigned 150 seats in the school's first classes through a lottery last month.

Both the SUNY trustees and the State Board of Regents have the authority to approve applications for charter schools. The union chose to go through SUNY, believing its application would be approved faster.

SUNY's trustees also approved two other charter schools yesterday - the Leadership Preparatory Charter school, which is to open in Brooklyn, and Albany Community Charter School in the state capital. Both are elementary schools to open in 2006.
Please note: The union that is sponsoring the charter school is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, (AFT) not the National Education Association. (NEA)

I'm going to keep an open mind and see how this experiment turns out; it would be great to see the school succeed.
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