Friday, May 13, 2005

Was This Educational, Outrageous, Or Something Else?

In high school, the dissection of animals in biology class is always a sensitive subject.

The dissection of higher-order animals, such as dogs, is a controversial subject.

The vivisection of a living dog is a highly controversial subject.

That is exactly what substitute biology teacher Doug Bjerregaard did at Utah's Gunnison Valley High School. After obtaining the authorization of principal Kirk Anderson and notifying parents, Bjerregaard's class watched as the teacher
removed the digestive system of the living, but sedated, animal.

The dog that was used for the "experiment" had been scheduled for euthanization.

Even though some parents and students are outraged, both teacher and principal are standing by their decision.

Bejerregaard called it, "The ultimate educational experience."

Update:(5/15) The school now regrets the incident.

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