Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tales From The Trenches: Classroom Teachers Speak

It's been a quiet week around the Wonks household. Classes in Middletown have been recessed, as this has been our spring break. However, on Monday, we will face la deluge as once again, nearly one thousand students will flood into hallowed halls of Howard Taft Junior High School.

Let's see what some other voices from the classroom have to say:

Ms. Smelph has had a week that is quite similar to a
well-known television ad. Check out her math, and see what everything adds up to. (We here at the 'Wonks couldn't agree more with her conclusion!)

Meanwhile, over at The Daily Grind, Mr. McNamar thought that he was going to get through April Fool's Day without incident. Unfortunately,
it didn't work out that way. Who would have thought that fish could be put to such use? (We like how Mr. McNamar "got even" with the prankster.)

Letrice is a teacher in Britain. Her site, The Blackboard Jungle gives us some fascinating insights into the world of English State Schools. Today, she
was letting us know (in no uncertain terms) how risky it can be working around "hygenically challenged" little boys. Read it for yourself, there are some lessons to be learned...

Polki3 went out and had a little coffee. (Apparently, he is also on Spring Break.) See what happens when he
encounters an ex-strudent from several years ago. (Can anyone say teach papa, teach son?)

Jennifer, The Ramblin Educat,
gets to have four first days of school per year. How on earth could any public school teacher withstand that? Well, she certainly has our respect. Friday was her fourth (and last) first day of school this year. Here is a taste:
Additionally, I don't know if you all wished this on me, but be aware that Princess Grace has joined us in Modern Humanities. I will now be teaching Art History to a young lady who claims that holding your farts in will kill you.
Bud The Teacher is celebrating the success of his first classroom podcast. This is the cutting edge of educational technology and holds great potential.

Over at Education At The Brink, they have been following Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings's
latest pronouncement which was published in today's Washington Post. The Brink has some concerns about Spelling's efforts to exand NCLB to the country's high schools.
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