Saturday, March 05, 2005

Some "Students" That Have Left Themselves Behind

The San Jose Mercury News reported Thursday that police had broken-up an auto-theft ring that consisted of students who (mostly) attended San Jose's (California) Del Mar High School:
Seven juveniles and a young adult have been arrested and 21 stolen cars have been recovered as a result of related investigations by San Jose and Campbell police.
Well, we wonder what grade-point average these pupils would have had. We just bet that it's not a 4.0. Only one student is identified by name, as the others are still minor "children:"
Hirman Cortez of Milpitas, 18, was charged with 14 counts of auto theft, as well as burglary and two counts of conspiracy. One 16-year-old from San Jose faces the same number of counts on the same charges. Six more juveniles have also been charged with auto theft, including one who was hit with four counts of that charge plus conspiracy.
Apparently, the ringleader was is a 22-year-old named Rogelio Sanchez. The Police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

Read (reg. reqrd.) the whole article here.

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