Monday, March 07, 2005

Palestinian Students Attempt To Lynch University President

In yet another instance that demonstrates that all may not be as it seems in areas under the control of the Palestinian "Authority," the Jerusalem Post reported that Palestinian students attempted to lynch the president of Al-Azhar University. This school is the largest institution of higher-education located in the Gaza Strip.

Sources say that last Monday students went on a rampage destroying furniture and setting fire to several administration offices and classrooms when President Hani Nijem didn't give members affiliated with the P.L.O.'s
terrorist Fatah movement enough seats on the school's board of directors.

Outraged students attempted (unsuccessfully) to break-down the door of Nijem's office while he hid in his inner office.

Police officers from the Palestinian "Authority" finally rescued the trapped Nijem after battling student demonstrators around the grounds of the administration building. The school has been closed indefinitely.

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