Friday, March 04, 2005

Extra Credit Assignment: Nefarious Goings-On In Roslyn, New York

Here at The Education Wonks, we like to keep an eye on those that would bring discredit to the Education Craft, be they in the classroom, office, or boardroom.

Number 2 Pencil is bringing to the attention of education writers and readers the sorry tale of rampant corruption and nepotism in the Roslyn (Long Island) School District:

There's quite a tale of "funding" issues going on in the wealthy Roslyn (Long Island, NY) school district. Specifically, $11 million smackeroos intended for the district went instead to plane tickets, mortgages, student loans, jewelry, and acrylic nails.
Number 2 Pencil has the latest details here.

One of the first friends that we ever made in the Larger Sphere is Tony over at A Red Mind In A Blue State. Tony happens to live on Long Island and has been sounding the alarm about the illicit activities going on in Roslyn for some time.

See Tony's writings (from latest to earliest) about the mess in Roslyn
here, here, here, here, here, and there.

It's about time some of those scoundrels in Roslyn were locked up for stealing needed funds from the community and its children.

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