Thursday, March 03, 2005

Extra Credit Assignment: Excellent Reading

Joanne Jacobs has the story of a father who went to his daughter's "good" high school and shadowed her for the day. Here is a peek:
While the (math) teacher was presenting his lesson, the students came and went from the classroom as they pleased. They talked in little groups, not about what the lesson was about but regarding phone conversations, who likes who, etc. One student (girl) sat on the desk (rather than the seat) with her back to the teacher as he tried to present his lesson, she was chatting with her girlfriends. When the teacher asked her to at least sit in the desk, she made a face and a growling noise.. continues his comprehensive coverage of the issues surrounding the dismissal of San Diego Superintendent Alan D. Bersin. This shows us once again that there is usually more than meets the eye in most labor disputes.

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