Thursday, February 17, 2005

This Is Funny...

Each year, down in Texas, students take an annual test called the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. (TAKS) Next week, students statewide will begin taking the test. Usually, parents and teachers know what score is needed in order for a child to have been considered to have "passed" the test. This year, there is something different:

"And although they have an idea of how many correct answers will be needed to pass, Texas Education Agency officials say that the passing standards aren't officially determined until after the exams have been graded.

The projected passing standards, which increase in difficulty each year, were established in 2002.

"We look at a sampling of the live test to determine exactly where to set those levels," said spokeswoman Debbie Graves Ratcliffe, TEA spokeswoman. "We look at how kids are really doing and adjust the standards, if needed."

So, the State will be giving the kids a test, even though they won't say what constitutes a passing score until after the tests are graded. Sounds to us like somebody is looking for some pre-determined outcome.

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