Saturday, February 26, 2005

Suspected BTK Murderer Arrested

EdWonk: Live from Wichita, Kansas (Sat. 10:00AM Central) via CNN: Chief Norman Williams has announced, "We have arrested BTK." Then Nola Foulston, District Attorney for Sedgewick County, Kansas, introduced her trial team: Kevin O'Conner and a Ms. Parker. Many of the victims' families have been invited for the event.

Foulston says that there can be no Death Penalty given for BTK's crimes, as they were committed before 1994. She also cannot give any statements (from the accused) or evidence to the press. There will be a website that has basic information about the crime and a phone number so that media may call for daily updates.

After 1 hour of self-congratulatory statements, It is announced that the killer's name is Dennis Rader, age 59. Rader is employed as an Animal Control Officer. He was arrested, "Without incident," during a police stop of Rader's vehicle. Other than that, the Wichita authorities are declining to give additional details.

The BTK killer committed most of his crimes in the 1970s, but he struck one last time in 1986. It is believed that he killed a total of 8 victims. The victims included men, women, and children.

Last year, BTK began allowing the police to find items that had been taken from the victims, apparently playing cat and mouse with the police. After 11 months, BTK has apparently caught himself.

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