Friday, February 25, 2005

Something Funny For Friday

Over at Number 2 Pencil, they have posted something hilariously entertaining for all people that have ever had to deal with any of the various aspects of governmental bureaucracy and all its pomposity.

Those of us that work in public education will simply want to cry.

What Number 2 Pencil has done is to let us know how The Scottsdale (AZ) Unified School District has begun playing Name Games with its employees. Here is a sample of what the Pencil has
to offer.

She used to be known as the receptionist. Now she's the Director of First Impressions. Barbara Levine is one of several employees in the Scottsdale Unified School District whose job titles have changed in a sharp departure from the traditional titles that parents grew up using.

National workplace experts say they are unaware of another school district in the United States that has changed its titles so dramatically, and they disagree over whether the new titles, which are designed to reflect the district's commitment to learning, are good. Parents, they say, could become confused over whom to contact if they have a complaint.

Was the school bus late? Blame the "transporter of learners," formerly the bus driver. Got a problem with your school principal? Take it up with the 10-word "executive director for elementary schools and excelling teaching and learning," formerly known as the assistant superintendent of elementary schools.

Soupy Sales would have been proud.

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