Friday, February 11, 2005

Catholic Church To Close 26 Schools In New York City

The Catholic Church has announced that it is set to close 26 elementary schools in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The closings will occur at the end of this school year. Some students will probably transfer to other Catholic schools, and others to public institutions.

About 4,100 students will need to find another school, and some 250 teaching positions are slated to be eliminated.

The Church cites declining enrollment as the reason why the schools are being closed.

Furious mothers from St. Catherine of Alexandria School in Borough Park penned an angry letter to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. The letter reads, in part:

"We as adults find it hard to understand how our faith will guide us through the hard times, but how do we explain to our children that their prayers will not be answered?"
Considering that many parents who do choose to send their children to Catholic schools tend to be satisfied with the education that their children receive, we here at The EdWonks can certainly sympathize with the parents' frustrations.