Friday, February 11, 2005

The Carnival Of Education Week 2: An Invitation To Writers And Readers

This is a reminder that all writers and readers of education-related posts are enthusiastically invited to participate in the second Carnival Of Education.

  • Writers are highly encouraged to submit a post from their own site. Please limit your submission to the entry that you would like to see get the greatest distribution in the 'Sphere. Writers (of any and all political viewpoints) that submit their own posts are guaranteed "a booth" at the Carnival. Even if you only occasionally write education-related posts, please consider sending one in for inclusion.
  • Alternatively, readers may submit multiple posts that they believe address topics that are important, humorous, or informative. Please limit these submissions to no more than three posts. These will be included if at all possible.
  • The submitted post(s) should not be more than one month old.
  • In all cases, the entry submitted should include: The site's name; the title of the post; and the post's "permalink" URL.
  • Entries should have Education Carnival in the email subject line.
  • Send entries to: owlshome [at]

Please send entries for Education Carnival #2 by 10:00 PM (Pacific) Tuesday, February 15, 2005. We hope to publish the second edition of the Carnival by Wednesday morning.

We would be happy to send an email reminder about Carnival deadlines. Just drop us a line at the above email address. Your privacy is guaranteed, as we never share information about our readers with any third party.

Any help that can be given by our fellow writers in the 'Sphere publicizing this carnival (through link/trackback or blog posts) would be deeply appreciated.

For complete Carnival details, as well this past weekend's Extra Credit Assignment, please click here.

For Carnival Of Education: Week 1, please click here.

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