Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Paris Hilton Can't Teach There

Wannabe Schoolmarms?
It's nice to see that the Educational Bureaucracy can make a decision every now and then that doesn't involve the bottom line, but is based purely on what is in the best interests of the children. The programming geniuses idiots that brought us The Simple Life wanted to have Paris Hilton and friend fellow-skank Nicole Richie spend a day substitute teaching in Cleary Middle School, Buena Vista Township, New Jersey.

The producers of the show
offered to pay the school $5000 to film the episode at the school.

School officials turned down the offer after parents began bombarding the school with complaints, saying that the show's co-stars were not appropriate role models. (Duh.)

As a junior high school teacher, somewhere in south-western California, I can attest that the presence of these ladies women on campus would, to say the least, cause a major disruption of the educational process.

Weeks of valuable teaching time would be loss in anticipation of the event.

Can you just imagine what this would do to the students? The distraction would last for weeks. The last thing that a young, red-blooded adolescent male needs is to have these women females strutting about campus extruding their sexuality.

Kids that age have enough trouble dealing with all the sexual tension that results from being around students of the opposite sex.

They don't need it from the grown-ups.

Now, as an all-American red-blooded young MaleWonk, I have my own opinion of Paris and Nicole. But that's another story.

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