Thursday, November 18, 2004

School Cross-Dressing Day? In TEXAS??

In Texas?
When I first heard this incredible tale yesterday morning on NPR, I thought that it was some kind of hoax. This is about a school district down in Texas that for years has had a day when students cross-dressed in order do "reverse social roles." Then I saw it on the A.P. It's for real. We thought that in Texas, they would have known better.

I have reproduced it in its entirety, but for those that wish to go through the hassle of registering to view the original, please click here.

This is an excellent example of the Lunacy and Political Correctism Run Amok that pervades the Educational Bureaucracy almost everywhere. The piece speaks very well for itself.

By: Bob Ross Jr.
The Associated Press

Note to boys in the tiny Spurger school district: Put away those high heels and pleated skirts. Instead, wear black boots and Army camouflage to school today.

Parents' concerns led the district 150 miles northeast of Houston to end its "TWIRP Day" when boys dress like girls and girls dress like boys in favor of "Camo Day."

TWIRP (The Woman Is Requested to Pay) for years was when Spurger schools hosted the day in Homecoming Week to give boys and girls a chance to reverse social roles and let older girls invite boys on dates, open doors and pay for sodas.

Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute issued a news release Tuesday reporting that it "came to the aid of a concerned parent requesting an excused absence for her children on official cross-dressing day in her children's elementary school."

"It is outrageous that a school in a small town in East Texas would encourage their 4-year-olds to be cross-dressers," Liberty Legal Institute attorney Hiram Sasser said in the release.

Tanner T. Hunt Jr., school district attorney, called Sasser's statement "inflammatory and misleading." He said the district never planned or conducted a "cross-dressing day."

"They are a tiny little East Texas school district," said Hunt, a Beaumont attorney. "It never occurred to them that anyone could find anything morally reprehensible."

Update: Robbie, over at Devil's Advocate, asks a very good question.

To visit the Spurger Independent School District, please click here.