Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not Oil For Food, But Oil For Terrorists

Fox News is reporting that when Saddam Hussein made those payments of $25,000 to the families of Palestinians that self-detonated in order to kill Israeli civilians, the source of the cash was the United Nation's much-ballyhooed "Oil For Food Program." Whether or not Fox's assertions are true, it is known that this particular Program was especially riddled with graft and corruption. And are we surprised?

This is the Program that U.N. Autocrat Kofi-Annan's son (Kojo Annan) was heavily involved in. And let's not forget that 22% (as stated by CNN) of the United Nation's total budget originates from the United States Taxpayer.

The Education Wonks firmly believe that those funds that are currently wasted on the United Nations could be better invested in our children here at home. (Health care for kids, perhaps?) And if we must spend these funds outside our country, then we need to oversee it's administration.

We don't want to see the United States isolate itself by withdrawing from the United Nations, but we can enforce a higher degree of accountability by the withholding of those substantial dues. And if the UN refuses to clean-up its act, then maybe it's time they move to another "host" country. The U.N. might find more suitable accommodation in Switzerland.