Monday, November 29, 2004

The Disgusting Little Creatures Department: Sixteen-Year-Old Alleged Killer Rachelle Waterman

Like many teenage girls, Rachelle Waterman kept a daily diary. And like many modern teens, the old-fashioned diary has evolved into a blog. What makes her blog so very different is the final posting, in which she casually tells the world that her mother has been murdered. She titled her blog, "My Crappy Life," and you can read that final posting here.

In her blog, she writes about many things: "handy" boys; winning the regional championships; vodka soaked watermelon; her "parental units;" wicca; cool boys; shopping; her $10.00 part-time job; and going out to parties until 2:30 AM... And she writes about the police arriving to impound her computer so that the hard drive can be searched.

She was arrested on a charge of murder soon afterwards.

Did the little brat plot to kill her mom for marrying an Evil Step-father? No. Was her father molesting her? No. Was her mother beating her? No. Was a dog telling her to do it? No.

As reported by the
Anchorage Daily News, this 16 year old accused murderess may have wanted to "get even" with her mother for grounding her. It is alleged that Rachelle did this by getting two 24-year-old men to kill her mom while she was in Anchorage playing in the state volleyball tournament.

The victim, Laurie Waterman, was 48 years old....

Update: (P.M.) David at I.S.O.U. has posted some thoughts and Digger has photographs of the people involved.