Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Disgusting Little Creatures Department: The Successors Of Terrorist Arafat, Part II

The Next Thief In Chief?
Meet Mahmoud Abbas alias Abu Mazen. With the apparent withdrawal of Terrorist Barghouthi (See Part I here.) from the squabble over who will be the next "President" of the Palestinian "Authority," Abbas is considered by many to be the likely successor to Terrorist Arafat. To read biographical information, please click here, and here.

In an
interview from today's Washington Post, Abbas makes some very encouraging noises about wanting to resume negotiations with the Israelis, but here at the 'Wonks, we don't believe Abbas is sincere for a moment. And here is why:

Since the death of Terrorist Arafat, Abbas has been the Chairman of the Palestinian "Liberation" Organization, which was, is, and always will be, a terrorist group. According to his bio, Abbas was a member of the inner circle of the PLO when its operatives murdered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.

The criminal mastermind behind the Munich massacre, Abu Doud, said that Abbas obtained funding for the operation, and thus shares much responsibility for this despicable act. In the judgment of the 'Wonks, Abbas has yet to be tried in court or pay in any way for this crime.

It is said by the media that both the United States and Israeli governments favor the selection of Abbas as leader of the Palestinian "Authority." They believe that Abbas is a "pragmatist" that will negotiate in good faith.

We don't know about negotiating in "good faith," but we are sure that Abbas and his cronies will continue to enrich themselves with even more UN/US aid money. We can be so certain because we know more aid dollars will begin flowing to the Palestinian "Authority" as a gesture of "good faith."

As with Terrorist Arafat, Abbas' (and his relatives') bank accounts will soon be bulging with money from graft, corruption, extortion, and a variety of other illicit schemes.

And without a doubt, some of that stolen aid money will find its way into the hands of the "al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades" (suicide bombers) and other equally criminal organizations.

We are equally certain that little or nothing will be done to alleviate the grinding poverty that the Palestinian people have lived in for countless years. The fact that the great majority of Palestinian children have very few (if any) educational opportunities is in itself a crime that can be directly attributed to the miscreants that control the Palestinian "Authority."

Even though it may sound harsh to some readers of the 'Wonks, as with Terrorist Barghouthi, we have learned enough about this individual's past history to bestow upon Abbas the sobriquet "Terrorist." This is because he chose to involve himself with Terrorist Arafat's murderous group, and has stayed with them for over 40 years.

In the words of the old-time Code Of The West, "If you ride with outlaws, you hang with outlaws." Terrorist Abbas continues riding with outlaws.