Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Education Wonks' Linking Guidelines

Here at the Education Wonks, we always have, and always will, celebrate, "The Free Exchange Of Thoughts And Ideas."

In order to further the above goal, and after some deep thought and consideration, we have developed these guidelines regarding "links" to other Blogs or Websites.

Our Blogroll is divided into two groups:

Full-Time Teaching Faculty:

  • Are those Blogs that we carefully read several times each week, and rely upon to provide us with stimulating viewpoints. They represent a variety of political ideologies.
  • These Sites will include outlooks ranging from Ultra Conservative to Highly Liberal.
  • We actively comment upon, cite in our postings, correspond with, or otherwise engage in dialogue(s) with the author.(s)

Adjunct Teaching Faculty:

  • The Adjunct Faculty are those Blogs or resources that we read at least once per week, and comment upon, cite, or otherwise interact with the author (s) on an occasional or irregular basis. These sites may be about education, politics, business, the arts, religion, The Blogging World, philosophy, or just about anything else under the sun.
  • They are an invaluable resource to us (and our readers) in that they furnish the vital scope and depth needed to broaden and deepen our understanding of the issues of the day.
  • All (with Certain Exceptions) are invited to join The Faculty by following the procedures outlined below:

Joining The Faculty:

  • Because we wish to obtain a knowledge base that is as wide in scope as possible, we will exchange links with just about any author that is willing to reciprocate by linking to Our Campus. Educators, Liberals, Moderates, Conservatives, Philosophers, Pundits, Satirists, light-hearted and just plain fun sites are all cordially welcome.
  • We do reserve the right however, not to link to sites based upon their having content that would be counterproductive to fostering healthy dialogue, i.e. Neo Nazis, Other Hate Groups, and Pornographic Sites.

In order to become a Member of Our Faculty, simply add the Education Wonks to your Blogroll, (or manually link our campus to your site) then send a confirming email to:

We will respond to all requests, and if for some reason your Blog cannot be added, we will explain why.

Your site will be added to The Faculty soon after the receipt of your notification, with confirmation to you via return email. Most new faculty will initially be assigned to our Adjunct Teaching Faculty, as the amount of time available to the writers of the 'Wonks for the regular reading of other authors is limited.