Thursday, September 23, 2004

Who Says That Public Education Doesn't Pay?

The $250,000 Man Posted by Hello
One of your EdWonk's Sources in the nation's capital has sent him this little blurb from The Washington Times. Unlike most classroom teachers, it seems that first-year superintendent Clifford B. Janey will earn a staggering $250,000 per year to administer the troubled D.C. public school system.

Now here at The Education Wonks we don't really have a problem with folks earning good compensation for a job well-done.

What troubles us is the fact that Mr. Janey has locked the D.C. School District into a 3 year contract. What this means is that (unlike classroom teachers) Janey does not have to serve any sort of "probationary period." If the D.C. School Board wishes to dismiss Janey, then they have to pay him the entire remainder of his three-year contract. He will recieve this compensation regardless of his performance.

We believe that job-security should be based upon actual effectiveness; it should not be a condition of employment. Especially when that educational leader is given the power (or even the expectation) to dismiss other first-year employees for their performance.

And Janey's salary isn't bad either. Your EdWonk wishes that he could get some of that.