Sunday, September 26, 2004

Undocumented Students Rewarded For Breaking The Law

One of the EdWonks informants has sent us this little item from the Washington Post. It is the story of a Guatemalan student whose family has been appealing deportation for over 12 years. Arriving as a 31/2 year old child, Brian Marroquin has since grown-up and has now been accepted to no less than five state-supported institutions of higher learning.

The tale began when he, his mother, and two older sisters illegally overstayed their tourist visas. Brian's father soon joined them. Knowing that the legal process takes years, they quickly requested political asylum. Their petition was turned down in due course, and the seemingly endless process of appeals began which have been continuing for 12 years.

The final result is that Brian, his sisters, and hundreds of others like them will not be deported, and will continue to enjoy benefits so easily obtained at taxpayers' expense by a system that refuses to be reformed. And Brian? He will soon begin classes at Virginia Tech.