Monday, September 27, 2004

True Stories From The Classroom: Excuses, Excuses

These are some of the excuses that my students offered for not studying for a major test that was given last Thursday. (They were questioned because they didn't do as well as they should have.)

  1. I couldn't study because my mom hid my textbook.
  2. My older brother said to just choose answer "C." (He was a student from last year.)
  3. Stayed up late to watch "Cops."
  4. I forgot.
  5. My dad cleaned-up the garage and put my book into a box.
  6. We went to the movies.
  7. Soccer practice. (the student has an "F" average)

Kids Are Still Kids
The funny thing is that kids were almost saying about the same thing back in the days of Mark Twain's fictional Tom Sawyer. The sad part is that when Mark Twain was writing, one could get a decent-paying job without finishing high school.