Thursday, September 30, 2004

Principal Confirms Kids Sipped Margaritas

Image: The Smoking Gun

Yesterday, a local TipWonk informed us that The Smoking Gun was listing a story of an exclusive private school near the Nation's Capital that had mistakenly given students Margaritas at lunch time. As always, T.S.G. had the document. (reproduced above) We were intrigued by the fact that the note was not written on any type of school letterhead.

Suspecting a Rathergate-like hoax, the EdWonk's Council made the decision not to post the story until it could be confirmed.
This morning, we telephoned Alexandria Country Day School and spoke with Principal Alexander Harvey IV. Principal Harvey was most happy to answer the EdWonk's questions. He did indeed confirm the story that a number of elementary school students had drank the tequila-containing mixture at lunch time. The mistake was soon detected and the adult beverages removed. None of the children became intoxicated.

Thinking the solution was "limeade," kitchen staff had given the mixture to students after running out of milk. Mr. Harvey says in his letter that the concoction was left over from a "Board/Faculty/Staff dinner."

When asked about the ramifications of the error, Mr. Harvey told the EdWonk, "The Parents are being very supportive."

Tuition at this school is $14,200 for grades K-3 and $15,600 for grades 4-8. We here at the Education Wonks do not know if the price of tuition includes food and beverages.

A member of the Governing Board of this school is Former Democratic Congresswoman Susan Molinari of New York. Ms. Molinari represented the New York City area, and is noted for her liberal viewpoints. It remains to be seen if this liberalism extends to being as supportive of Principal Harvey and the staff as the parents have been.