Thursday, December 14, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Thursday, December 14, 2006

TipWonk KauiMark has pointed us to the incredible story of Virginia art teacher Stephen Murmer. It seems as though Mr. Murmer has been suspended from his classroom because of his peculiar habit of painting pictures with his backside and/or his genitals. (We didn't make this up---- honest!) Of course it goes without saying that the American Civil Liberties Union couldn't wait to get itself involved.

While reading
this story about a California high school teacher who is being sued due to having an alleged sexual liason with two students, I learned the disturbing fact that some 367 teachers have had their teaching credentials revoked in the last five years due to sexual misconduct.

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Here's something we like: In one Texas elementary school, 200 out of 500 students have had
perfect attendance this year, resulting in an early Christmas for some. Good for them.

In Iraq, thousands of girls have been
forced to quit school due to increasingly unsafe conditions.

Technology Thursday: Who would have thought that there is a site out there that's on the lookout for
The Top 101 Web Sites For Teachers? Guess we learn something every day!

Today's Non-Sequitur: Here's a list (with photos) of the top-10 places
to get married. (*sigh)
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