Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Last evening, I went for a little walk just before bed time.

At about 10:15 PM, I came across three street punks teenaged boys who were "tagging vandalizing a homeowner's property by spray painting their idiotic (and senseless) "gang" symbols on the streetside privacy fence. (Which faces a major thoroughfare here in our town.)

Before I could get too close, the little thugs saw me approaching and ran to Parts Unknown. (If only I had brought a cell phone!)

While it is true that these teenaged hooligans were committing a crime against some innocent homeowners' property, (The vandals have repeatedly struck this fence, which runs about 1/2 mile. Gamely, the property owners have been trying to cover the damage a quickly as they can.) I think that the greater crime was committed by the parents of these little delinquents.

For crime is what it is when "parents" allow their children to run amok go "out" so late on a school night.

Curiously, the school (and the school alone) is
held accountable even for those children's academic progress, even when they're out committing property crimes instead of doing their homework and getting a good night's sleep so that they'll be rested for school.
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