Monday, May 01, 2006

The Great American Boycott: News And Resources

Today is the so-called "Great American Boycott," in which thousands of illegal immigrants and their supporters have planned to stay away from businesses and schools.

Of the students who have elected to throw away miss a day's instruction, I wonder what percentage will be knowledgeable of the issues and how many will simply be taking advantage of an opportunity to flout compulsory attendance laws?

Over at May Day 2006, they have a wiki
that looks interesting. (But take note of an obvious bias.) You can monitor the day's events as reported by the Associated Press news wire here. A.P.'s breaking news right here, and United Press International (U.P.I.) over there. Reuter's can be seen if you follow this link. Apparently, CNN will be offering updates here, but this remains to be seen. (Be sure to refresh after each visit.)

Update:(PM) See Fox News' coverage here. The New York Times has a listing of dispatches from around the country.
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