Thursday, April 06, 2006

Homework Helpers

The New York Public Library system has launched this website to help children with their homework:
The library is changing the way it helps students outside the classroom. New York City's library system is providing homework help online, and it's free. is free and available to students whenever they need to use it, from either home or school.

It was developed by librarians from the Queens, Brooklyn and New York public libraries, along with teachers from the Department of Education.

"They want to get on the computer and look at something that's easy and quick. They don't have to go through a lot of research to find the answers."

"We're trying to get them to use our resources because they're more directed to their age level, rather than a search engine."

The site brings together a wide range of resources including:


It's also linked to a number of the library systems databases that aren't available through a common web search.
Now, if someone would only start a website designed to assist parents with getting their children to sit down and actually do their homework...
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