Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Latest EduDebate: More Hot Multi-Blog Action!

The latest multi-blog back-and-forth involves teachers unions, online contracts, publicly negotiating teachers' salaries/working conditions, and Education Sector's latest publication, (Which I'm looking forward to reading soon.) Collective Bargaining in Education.

So far, we have, (Who co-edited Collective Bargaining in Education.) AFT's NCLBlog, NYC Educator, and Sherman Dorn hotly exchanging those thoughts and ideas! Here's the lineup:

1.'s post of Thusday, March 02.

2. NCLBlog's posts (here and especially there) of Monday, March 06.

3.'s post of Tuesday, March 07.

4. NYC Educator's post of Tuesday, March 07.

5. NCLBlog's post of Tuesday, March 07.

6. Commenter John of NCLBlog tips us that Sherman Dorn has joined the fray with his post of Tuesday, March 07.

Stay tuned. Updated as bulletins become available.
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